What are hybrid lashes? Classic vs. Hybrid

If you are new to the world of beauty and might be interested in learning a thing or two about eyelashes, it is important to understand that they are based on different categories. These types of lashes are classified by their outlook, volume, and composition.

There are two main types of lashes: classic and hybrid. AL eyelashes are meant to make you look longer and better, but what is the difference between hybrid and classic lashes, and how are the two applied? More details about the two main types of lashes are provided below.


What are classic lashes?


Classic eyelashes are meant to add more length other than volume. You do not even have to do more to your eyes with classic lashes, that is, the mascara and the eye shadow. All you need to do is perfectly apply the classic lashes to your lashes.


What are hybrid lashes?


On the other hand, hybrid lashes are meant to increase texture and volume to your lashes. Compared to the classic lashes, hybrid extensions do not appear as natural as the latter. Whether one should get hybrid or traditional lashes is based on the kind of look you want to achieve and what you feel comfortable with.


Hybrid lashes VS classic lashes

The main difference between hybrid and classic lashes is their ratio; lashes technicians usually prefer a 70:30 proportion when doing the lashes. This means you need 705 of the hybrid lashes and 30% of your natural lashes. On the other hand, classic lashes require 50:50 proportions to make the classic lashes even to your eyelashes. An example of quality hybrid lashes is faux mink lashes, they have the soft and quality outlook.


Advantages of hybrid lashes

  1. Best for people with lash problems

Hybrid lashes do not require a lot of application needs; they are applied naturally and meant to last for around eight weeks. This means that it gives the owner a good span to determine whether to have them on or apply other types of lashes. With hybrid lashes, you do not have to use additional beauty products because they are structured to remain as natural as they are made. This is the best type of lashes for users who might be allergic to beauty products such as mascara.

  1. They offer both qualities.

Hybrid lashes have correct length and volume; they offer the same relevance as the classic and volume lashes. This is the best type of lashes for someone who wants to have them in their average size, which is proportional to their natural lashes. During application, you can consider proposing the right length of lashes you need to achieve a uniform outlook.

  1. They offer a good look.

Hybrid lashes are not too simple or too dramatic, and this means that you can wear them for any occasion and still feel comfortable. This is because these lashes are always in even volume, soft and appealing texture, therefore, making them as natural as your lashes.

  1. They are affordable

Hybrid lashes can be got at a very fair price; this is because they do not require many application processes and care and maintenance. The best thing about them is that they need a very easy fill-up process; this means that you achieve the best look after going for a fill-up process at the advised period.


Everything you need to know about hybrid lashes

  • How long they last

After applying to your lashes, hybrid lashes can last up to eight weeks. This is due to filling up by your lashes which happens after around two weeks. The lashes grow after allowing the already existing ones to fall off. To continue achieving that amazing look from the fill-up lashes, you must follow the instructions provided by your lashes technician.

  • Hybrid lashes compatibility to your own

One of the common questions that most people ask when getting their lashes to fill up is whether the hybrid lashes can damage their natural lashes. Hybrid lashes are meant to improve your lashes’ texture and overall outlook; this is why you should not be worried about damaging your lashes. All you need to do is purchase quality lashes and have a professional lashes technician fix them.

  • Using beauty products on hybrid lashes

You cannot use beauty products such as mascara on hybrid lashes; the content and outlook are meant to remain as natural as one should look. The content of hybrid lashes is intended to make the user achieve a good perspective, not so much exaggerated.

  • Hybrid lashes cost

Hybrid lashes are not as costly as volume and classic lashes; however, you should not be enticed by getting extremely cheap lashes. Ensure that you have referrals of the best lashes seller and have them applied by a professional. The hybrid lashes also exist in different qualities distinguished by the prices; always ensure that you check out other options before using them.



How to do hybrid lashes

  1. Analyzing the structure of your eyes

You cannot apply just any type of lashes to your eyes. You should allow the lashes technician to weigh your natural lashes and understand the kind of lashes extensions you need and their volume. This is to help you achieve your realistic outlook and make the added extensions already comfortable on your eyes.

  1. Preparation for making the hybrid lashes

The lashes tech needs to assemble all the lashes required for application. You should have confirmed everything you need to have the eyelashes fixed. This is to ensure to have them properly fixed and ensure that you have the right lashes on board

  1. Washing the eyelashes

One needs to have their natural lashes cleaned; this is to ensure that everything that may be termed as foreign is removed. The cleaning products should be the best to ensure that they do not tamper with the lashes’ application.

  1. Fixing the hydrogel

It is important to have the hydrogel applied to your eyes, and this is to ensure that the hybrid lashes do not stick together once applied. Always ensure that you do a background check on any products used on your lashes.

  1. Applying the synthetic lashes to your own

The lashes technician should now carefully full in the eyelashes to your own. They should use a pair of tweezers to separate the lashes to achieve a natural look. The size of your lashes should be equally proportional to ensure that they are uniformly presented after the application process.

  1. Finishing after application of the lashes

It is important to check out the outlook of the lashes after application to ensure that they are in the right volume and size, bearing in mind that the lashes fill-up process is currently permanent unless you have them corrected after eight weeks or more so. This is why you need a lashes technician who will apply the eyelashes properly.



How to take care of hybrid lashes

  • Avoid coming into contact with water for the first 48 hours

It is always important for one to avoid coming into contact with water 48 hours after applying the lashes. This is because the water may make the already applied lashes weak or even tamper with the kind of products used to fill up the lashes. It would be best to be careful when taking a shower to ensure that you do not rub your hands against the lashes to avoid them from falling off.

  • Refrain oil-based products

Oil-based products tend to last longer on the eyes than water-based products that do not have much concentration. On the other hand, ensure that you inquire on the products to use and not use; this is because one might be unnecessary and end, making your lashes achieve a look that you may not be intending. Oil-based products also require specialized products to remove them completely. This is why you need hybrid lashes because you do not have to do make-up to the extreme. After all, the hybrid lashes give the complete outlook that one would look out for in beauty products.

  • Avoid waterproof eye products.

Waterproof eye products are meant to stick to eyes for a long time and cannot be tampered with by factors such as water. This may tamper with the outlook and make it hard to do the fill-up. Always ensure that you avoid products that may make your lashes a hard time during application, even removal after the preferred period elapses.

  • Brush them properly

It is important for one to invest in the right brushes on the lashes; you should ensure that you do it gently to avoid picking them out. One should brush the lashes after taking a shower because they tend to retain some moisture, making brushing easier. Should you notice eyelashes fall when brushing, you should consult your lashes technician to update you on the guidelines to follow to avoid this.

  • Do not pick or pull the lashes.

During summer, you might find your eyes itching and may be tempted to scratch your eyelids and feel relieved. Do this gently without forgetting that you have artificial lashes on your eyes. This is because doing it thoroughly may because your eye lashes to fall, making them look ununiformed.

Hybrid lashes are extensions that help you achieve a natural look on your eyes. Getting quality lashes and a professional lashes technician is important. This is to ensure that they are carefully filled in your own.