Detail Knowledge About Crystal Jewelry

Jewelry, as you know, is seasoned ornaments that can complement our dressing and be used as fashion statements. Most people use different jewelry pieces for fashion purposes without knowing the in-depth details about such fashion items.

Certainly, the pandemic has foiled many attempts of social gatherings and get together where Jewelleries can be worn to. However, as the world gradually opens up and the government lifts restrictions, the normal way of life is coming back.

As a Jewelry enthusiast or a casual user, there is much information about crystal Jewelry you might not be aware of. The amazing thing is that crystal Jewelry does not go out of fashion, making them one of the most desirable pieces of style against other regular Jewellery.


Short History About Gemstones

Perhaps you love gemstones very much; there is a high probability that you would find the following information quite interesting. Do you know that the oldest gem ever discovered is believed to be 4.4 billion years old? With gemstones of various shapes, types, and sizes being around since the dawn of man, it is not surprising that the beauty this piece offers is unquantifiable.

Moreover, humans have invented various technological tools to process this gemstone into different jewelry, such as crystal gemstone rings and many more. With this in mind, we believe it would be interesting and fun to bring back some details about these gems (beautiful rocks) the majority of humans love so much.


About Crystal Jewelry

The word crystal comes from the ancient Greek work known as “Krystallos.” It means a mythical ice palace where the Olympian gods reside. The amazing thing about these rare stones is that not even the sun could melt this gorgeous piece. This is one of the primary reasons why crystals are considered precious stones.

For ages back, humans have sought to adorn themselves with crystal Jewelry which often helps distinguish many people into various classes in society. For instance, archeologists have found beads carved out of mammoth’s ivory, proving that these rare stones have existed for many years. The beads are believed to be over 60,000 years old and are located in a grave in Sungir, Russia.


Some Facts You Do Not Know About Crystals

Crystal shave existed as a form of body ornament and Jewelry for a long period, while many do not know much about these precious stones. Certainly, crystals and gemstones have many interesting stories that date back centuries past. This shouldn’t surprise you because you would agree that they are natural gifts when considering these pieces. In the next section, we will explore some of the examples of the different crystals that exist.



Surprisingly the Swarovski crystals aren’t natural gems as many have thought about them to be. This gem is carefully formed and crafted by experts’ humans in Austria. About the late 1800s, Daniel Swarovski created the first Swarovski diamond, also known as the lead glass crystal. Besides, to continue producing these diamonds, he invented the machine that helped him achieve precision cut from lead glass crystals. Ever since then, the Swarovski Crystal company has been in the business of producing the lead crystal.

The crystal is made up of quartz, sand, and other minerals that make the gem so unique and distinctive from others. These additional elements used in the crystal formation have remained the company’s trade secret for years.



Certainly, many people have some basic details about this piece; however, for those who aren’t familiar with garnet, here is some interesting information about the piece.

Garnet is often referred to as the birthstone for babies born in January, which is often used to represent the 2nd anniversary of married couples. In the Latin world, the word garnet connotes Garanatus. The simple Latin meaning is seedlike, which refers to pomegranate seeds.

Just like some of the other gems discussed in the article, garnet has been in existence for centuries. Based on historical representation, garnet usage was dated back to be around 3000 BC.



Of course, the rare stone has also existed for centuries and is dated as far back as the ancient Incas. More so, history has it that the marcasite was found in different Incan tombs alongside some other jewelry. It is also believed that the Incans produced a reflective plate shape piece out of the Marcasite gem. Meanwhile, this piece was also used as ritual materials to worship the Gods of the Sun.

Aside from the Incans, native American shamans were also believed to have used the marcasite crystal. They believed that the gem possessed some natural healing powers, then used to dig deeper into a patient’s soul.



Here is another popular gem, crystal stone, which is associated with Hindu mythology. They believe that the moonstone was crafted out of solid moonbeams. More so, aside from Hindu mythology, many other cultures directly associate this moonstone crystal with moonlight.

Let’s be honest with ourselves; it is so obvious why this gem is associated with the moon. This is solely because the stone’s internal structure scatters any ray of light that falls on it. This phenomenon is known as adularescence. Meanwhile, after the gems scatter the light, an interesting visual effect takes place. This phenomenon outrightly mimics the shining effect of the moon in a scattered cloud.


Other Types Of Crystals

In the previous sections, we explored some examples of crystal gems, how they were formed, and their names. Aside from those listed above, some other crystals are used by humans as Jewellery. Among these is one of the modern gemstones called the mystic quartz. This crystal first surfaced in the late 90s; however, it was quickly discovered that this gem was technically covered with a white quartz coat. This feature does not make it an official gem.

More so, the likes of Amethyst, which is associated with babies born in February and also used for the sixth wedding anniversary of a married couple, is another type of crystal gemstone.