The Perfect Way To Remove Eyelashes Glue Them Off Your Eyes

You would need a miracle to successfully remove false eyelashes from your eye in one single try. It might only happen to most people possible once or twice on almost 300 times of trials. Most ladies fight painfully to get rid of the rest of the eyelashes and glue off their eyelids. Out of multiple trials, you would often have a whole lot of leftover eyelash glue on your eyelid.

At first, your idea of eyelash removal could be ripping it out completely as soon as you are done with your day. Besides, you might have even developed the ideology of removing the leftover glue with tweezers, and unfortunately, you would still have some leftovers on your eyelid. The funny thing is that days after the removal of the eyelashes you are likely to still have some residue left over.

In this piece, we would discuss a simple old technique that would help you get rid of the lashes glue with minimal effort. Probably your idea of eyelash glue removal is by using a sharp object which is not advisable, you would learn new easy, and safe methods of achieving this. The steps involved in the total removal of the eyelash are safe and do not irritate your delicate eyeball. To completely get rid of the eyelash glues here are the easy steps to follow.


Steam Your Until It Is Clean

You can achieve this in two ways which are:

For Synthetic Eyelashes: Get a microfiber towel and wet it with warm water, gently place it on your face and press it over your eyes. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times to help your eyelash glue loosen up. The number of times you repeat the process would depend on the volume of glue used to hold the eyelash in place. After the 3rd to 4th time of repeating the above process, your lashes should easily lift off from your eyelid without struggling to tug. Sometimes it might even completely separate itself from your lead without causing any significant pain.

The removal process for high-end eyelashes: It is best not to submerge the high-end eyelashes with a washcloth because this could potentially damage the design. The best alternative is to run damp warm cotton along with the eyelash a few times to help it loosen up and release it completely from the eyelid. Patiently remove the eyelash by lifting a section out of the outer edge.


Use A Strong Makeup Removal

Once you have successfully removed the eyelash, place them aside for proper cleaning and storage, Damp a cotton pad into a waterproof makeup remover and gently remove the extra makeup and glue leftover on the eyelash without rubbing the eyelashes.


Use Some Extra Virgin Oil From Your Kitchen

After you have cleaned up the extra makeup and glued residue from the eyelashes with the strong makeup removal, there is the possibility of some tiny particles left on the eyelashes. Although any type of oil would work the magic, the most preferred oil for residue removal is either coconut oil or virgin olive oil. This oil is the most essential part of the cleaning process. Also, it helps keep your eyelashes intact and get all stubborn glue out.

The process you are supposed to use is to gently pour a teaspoon of the oil into a cup and dip a cotton swab into the oil. When the eyelash glue meets with the oil, it easily slides off the lashes in a matter of seconds. You can also make use of the cotton swab to clean your eyelash to get off any other glue particle left on your face.


Storing And Reusing Your Eyelash

The purpose of properly cleaning your eyelashes is to help you reuse them some other time. Ensure you do not submerge your eyelashes into the makeup remover or water. More so, avoid applying your makeup directly on the high-end eyelash.

After successfully cleaning the eyelashes, store them in a cool and dry place where they wouldn’t be ruffled up by children playing around. With the tips explained above, your eyelashes would be reusable and also save you the stress of removal at any time.