How to Clean Diamond Earrings?

Diamond is a timeless jewel that attracts all genders alike. This shiny little gem is a symbol of class and richness which many desire to have. Diamonds, when adorned with one’s outfit can uplift the look and make one shine out of the crowd! Its versatility and subtlety are a few of the many reasons why it is one of the most valuable jewels to own.

One can find diamonds in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Be it a single little piece on a lady’s finger or as simple as a pair of stud earrings. Diamonds are enough to provide that needed grace to your general look.

But, when you own such expensive jewelry in your collection, several responsibilities come along. One such responsibility is the maintenance of such items. You should keep all jewelry clean and fresh to be available for any occasion. I know what you must be wondering. Getting these jewels clean in a store and cost you a fortune. So why don’t we save some money and clean diamonds at home? How?


How to Clean Diamond Earrings?

Let’s look at a step to step guide on how to clean diamond earrings. This guide is also applicable for cleaning any other diamond jewelry at home. But before starting with the steps, here are a few points that you must take care of:

  1. Make sure your earrings don’t have small diamonds that can detach in the cleaning process. Diamonds are expensive and you must handle them with great care.
  2. Do not clean them near a sink. Always make sure you place your diamond earrings or jewelry on a dark, plain, flat, and even surface. This is to avoid losing sight of them if they ever slip out of your hands.
  3. Always clean your jewelry in bright places. It’s better to wash them in daylight and avoid them at night. Proper lighting is important for you to see better and not lose your precious jewels.

If you are confident about these points, then let us move forward and learn how to clean your earrings in five simple steps:

Step 1 – Take a small bowl and fill it with warm water (make sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold).

Step 2 – Add a few drops of any dishwasher (unscented) in the water and mix them well.

Step 3 – Take your earrings with care and put them in the soap-water solution for at least half an hour. This will melt down all the dirt that might be covering your jewelry.

Step 4 – After you’ve waited for enough time, take the earrings out of the water. Now take a soft cloth and pat dry the earrings (do not rub, slow down and be as gentle as you can).

Step 5 – Now take a brush with tiny bristles to brush away the residual dirt from the earrings. Your diamond jewelry is as good as new now!

One can also use these steps for cleaning any other jewelry that has diamonds on it. Remember, it is always important to keep your jewels clean. If you wear your earrings regularly, clean them at least once a month. If you wear them on special occasions, clean them once every six months to keep your jewelry fresh and shiny forever. You can also check out a video guide for cleaning diamond earrings or jewelry here.