How to Dress in Your 30s?

Dressing in Your 30s:

Not everyone loves turning over thirty. Some see it as a stage in growing up, with more experience and understanding of things. While others see it as a loss of the years when they were younger. The 30s is although, a perfect mix of youth and experience. People are either well-settled or striving to achieve a successful lifestyle. A lifestyle that suits them. Among all this, we often tend to forget about many things. These include our health, fashion, and demeanor. Although you can be consistent by trying to be healthy. But, knowing what to wear or what would suit you better, is a tough call. Hence, we have prepared a list of tips for you that can help you dress better in your 30s.

Whenever you look at your wardrobe or your clothes collection, you should feel that it speaks for you. You are wearing what you are. Gone are the days when you felt the need to dress to impress. Now, is the time to look how you want to look and not how you want people to see you. Your buying habits are better and you know what you are getting.

Following are some tips:




  1. Take a day or two to go through your wardrobe:

Before getting into deciding how best you should dress, it is time to see your wardrobe. Take some time and contemplate. Here, you can keep some clothes away that you think are not good enough. The ones you feel comfortable in, you can save.

  1. Think before you buy:

We all made this mistake in our 20s. Buying on impulse and being hysteric after seeing a festival offer. But, while you have passed the age of 30, it is obvious that you realize the importance of your money and want to spend well. Hence, think before you buy, ‘do you need it?’. Hence, think before you buy, ‘do you need it?’.

  1. Dress for the occasion:

Experimenting is good when you do not know what you want. But once you are grown up, you should always dress for the occasion. Here, it is no longer about friends, you have to be professional as well.

  1. A leather jacket is your lifeline:

You should always keep a leather jacket in your wardrobe. It goes with anything and can be your choice in case your clothes aren’t ironed and you’re getting late.

  1. Tailored/customized clothes are your best friends:

You should no longer rely on ready-made clothes. If what you want is something else, or a different size, you should choose tailored clothes. There is no shame in getting your clothes fixed for your body shape and preference.

  1. Quality over quantity:

Never think about filling your wardrobe. You should have a decent amount of choices, that can help you decide undoubtedly, what you want to wear. More clothes do not give more options, they create chaos and confusion.

  1. Think about giving:

If you have sorted out some clothes, you can consider giving them to someone else or donate. This way, you can not only declutter your clothes but also remove the ones you don’t need.

  1. Layer:

If you are more than 30, layering can be more suitable for you. This is because it gives you more to look for and you can have more choices in lesser clothes. At least have a few jackets.

  1. Don’t forget your accessories:

While you are too involved in your clothes, do not forget about the accessories. You should at least have a decent watch and 3-4 different good pairs of shoes.

While these were some tips to help you dress in your 30s, always remember to keep it simple. You do not have to invest too much time in this if you don’t wish to. Wear what you feel comfortable in, that is the best advice.