How to Wear a Kimono?

What are Kimonos?

If you have ever heard anything about Japan, you must have also heard about Kimono. They are a regular sight in Japanese shows, anime, and comics. You must note that it is Japan’s national dress. Such honor, only because it is a traditional dress that reflects the culture of Japan. It is almost always worn with several accessories as well. Experts make kimono from tanmono cloth. There is a famous misconception that only women wear kimonos. Although they do, there are kimonos for men also.

Nowadays, kimonos are not worn so often in Japan. Kimonos hold their first introduction to Japan because of Chinese people. They influenced this clothing in the 6-7th century when traveling to Japan. Earlier, it was also a symbol of expensive clothing styles.

As for the cloth material, it is not set that one can wear kimono made from any specific cloth. It is very easy to find ready-made kimonos made of regular clothing material.

The decoration is also an important part of kimonos. These are being designed since ancient times using stencils. With minute artwork, colors, and paintings, kimonos get their final look. Different kimonos exist for different seasons, festivals, and times of the year. Let us now see how should one wear a kimono.


How to Wear a Kimono?

Before understanding this, it is important to learn few terms related to kimonos. An obi is a ribbon-like thing that one ties outside. A special undergarment, Juban. Geta is a kind of sandal that people wear as a tradition with Kimono. Zori is also often used.

To wear the kimono, the first step is of course to wear the juban. Then put on the kimono. The correct way to wear it is to wear it from right towards the left. Keep pulling it over until the bottom part is above the ankle. The right kimono should always end before the ankle. If it does not, it is not the right size for you. Do not feel confused by the baggy clothing, as that is how the kimonos are. Next, you need to put on the sash that is important to hold the kimono. This is possible only after you have made sure that the upper part of the kimono is a good fit. To know it, make sure your shoulder and chest do not have too much bagginess.

It should fit correctly. Once you have made this sure, get on the sash and wrap it. Now, to keep the sash in place, it is crucial to get the obi right. This is where many people fail. Keep the sash in place, while doing so, wrap the obi around it and tie the knot at the back. If you are an absolute beginner and want to get ready quickly, you can also get a ready-made bow knot. You need to only attach it at the back. Further, you can put on other accessories and your sandals. Remember, although it is a traditional Japanese dress, you can experiment a little. The goal should be to wear something that fits you and feels comfortable.

If you want more details about how to wear it, then you can check this video: