Top 5 Anticipated Fashion Trends in 2021

After a long year of Covid-19, people are finally coming out of their homes. It will bring back the fashion industry into action that has been sitting almost idle throughout 2020. While we still got to see some bold fashion trends in 2020, the new year will set the trends for the next decade. The fashion designers are anticipating a great competition in 2021, while the consumers are waiting for what will be in the store for the upcoming seasons. Here are the top 10 fashion trends that consumers can spot in 2021.

fashion designers

Oversized shoulder pad boyfriend jackets

Do not mistake these oversized jackets for the actual boyfriend jackets. This style is inspired by the 80s fashion of wearing oversized boyfriend blazers. The shoulder pads make the jacket fall down below the waist, giving your legs an extra highlight. It is expected to become the chic aesthetics in 2021, best suited to leather shorts and straight-leg trousers.

Face masks

Face masks are becoming more stylish as their need seems pretty legit for a long time. More fashion brands are introducing their range of face masks. Now the consumers will be able to protect themselves more beautifully. There are limitless options in the fabric and designs for face masks available today. Black face masks still remain one of the most stylish and traditional choices for people.

Head scarfs

Head scarfs will make their entrance once again, but this time it will be inspired by the 50s and 60s fashion. The headscarves will suit any style while protecting your skin from the heat of the sun. The silky designs and floral motifs with bold colors and block letters are expected to enter the market once again.

Yellow bags

Yellow is the color of 2021 summer that we will see in the streets more often. The trend of bright yellow bags is timeless and will add a unique color texture to your style. Mustard tote bags will once again be a must-have for vibrant and monochromatic dress codes. There are so many incredible handbag designs that one can start finding in the stores today.

Folk inspired coats

Another great trend that is set to arrive in 2021 in the folk-inspired coats. The layers of delicate embroidery on long coats will give your outfit a vibrant look. Each piece will look unique with a monochrome black ensemble. The trend is easy to follow and can compliment all types of looks. It can complement all types of shorts and jeans and suit all body types with ease.

Folk inspired coats

Knee-high boots

The knee-high boots from the 60s will be back into action in the upcoming year. White knee-high boots that were inspired by the Youth Revolution in the mid 20th century will suit the modern looks. This Nancy Sinatra-approved look will elevate your summer outfit. You can rock it with a mini dress, skirt, or a funky pair of leggings, and the shoes will fit effortlessly to provide a smart and sexy look.