How to Shrink Shoes

Have you bought some shoes and they are too big for you? They may not have a lower number in the store, so a good option is to try to make them shrink with the homemade tricks that we will recommend. Learn how to shrink those shoes that you love so much below.


1.- Insoles To Reduce Shoe Size

It will depend on the area in which they are larger and the type of fit you prefer. The use of foot soles can be divided into:

Half Foot Sole. If the shoe is too wide around the toe, you can use a half insole or cut one to make it fit better.

Use a Silicone Protector or Full Foot Sole. The removable insoles can reduce you up to one size and, besides, it will increase your comfort since it molds very well to the foot. Silicone toe or heel protectors can also help a lot.

A Heel Counter. It is always more recommended than the classic trick of filling the heel with cotton. They are sold made and you can find them of different materials to guarantee greater adaptability.

In the three previous cases, you can go to a shoemaker to glue the product of your choice to your shoes, thus avoiding its constant displacement.


2.- Two Socks If The Shoes are Winter

If your shoes are too big for you, wearing two socks in winter is an effective and warm solution.

We recommend you combine a pair of socks of a certain thickness with a much thinner one so that you never lose the mobility and the necessary comfort of your feet.


3.- Put an Inner Lining on Your Pair of Shoes

The shoemaker should do it and it is always positive since it saves you from having to use the previous tricks, although everything will depend on the expertise of the professional you choose and, also, on the lining material.

This trick to reduce large shoes is more specific for boots or ankle boots than for alternatives, such as heels or sneakers.


4.- Two Infallible Tricks If Your Shoes are Made of Leather

Pay attention to these tricks and at each step to achieve the desired result, always respecting the elasticity and fit of your pair of shoes.

1.- Slightly moisten the sides of the shoe and the heel without getting the sole wet. Let your shoes dry in the sun or at a safe distance from a fireplace or stove.

Once dry, check that they are the right size. If not, repeat the process and finish by cleaning the shoes with a specific shoe cream to protect the skin.

2.- The rubber band trick is recommended for fine leather shoes, and you will need:

  • An elastic band.
  • Thread the color of the shoe.
  • A needle.

Cut a piece of the elastic for the clothes about two inches wide and fix it vertically to the heel of the shoe using the hairpins. Sew the band to the heel carefully.

Remember that it should not be too tight to make this operation easier for you. Remove the hairpins and see if your shoes fit your feet better.

As you can see, you have several options to make your shoes smaller, and believe it or not, making a shoe smaller is easier than making it bigger. Use our tricks and wear a perfect and comfortable shoe that completes your image correctly.